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You want sustainability
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But we are unlike regular consulting engineering firms : sustainability and energy efficiency has been in our DNA from the very beginning.
And we like to think outside the box.


We know that not every company has an in-house sustainability team, so you can rely on us to integrate with your people.
We are your sustainability business unit.


We are passionate about making your real estate projects greener.
We come into play to make complex issues become simple.

What can we do for you?

In which business are you involved?

You are the people who design, invent, create. The people who bring ideas and concepts from sketches to reality, who shape the environment where most of us will spend 90% of their life. And you do it well. Therefore, our goal is certainly not to come to you full of principles, and to try to demonstrate what is the "right" way to do. We do not apply the same receipe again and again.

In fact, our goal is double : we are there to challenge your concepts in a constructive way. And we are there to bring you the tools to assess how well your projects are performing from an energy and sustainability point of view. From the development of a full-featured energy concept for an architecture competition to the optimization of a specific technical detail during the construction phases, we are here to help you.

How to design my building to reach the passive standards? How to optimize the shadings to avoid overheating? How to integrate the architectural design and the HVAC systems in a seamless way? Can my building reach a BREEAM "Very Good" level? These are the typical questions we answer every day.

As a construction company, you need the results to be delivered. You want your buildings to reach the expected environmental quality and energy performance while optimizing their construction costs. You can count on us to be at your side at every stages of your construction projects.

Our experience has been acquired behind our desks, while performing technical studies and optimization, but also in the field during project follow-ups. Therefore we have a unique and pragmatic point of view of the technical choices that do more than only making sense on paper.

Performing project reviews and assessments, optimizing technical studies in close coordination with your engineers and architects, joining you team to take part to tendering processes and help you bringing sustainability to the core of your offer, delivering energy and environmental certification, making on-site measurements, ... are some of the services made available to you.

It takes a good architect to design a good building, but we need good developers to allow outstandig buildings to get to the market! As developers, you are the people who have the power to decide whether a project will be sustainable or not. And the sooner the decision to go green is taken, the better can be the integration of sustainabily in your project.

Developing a real estate project involves to manage numerous parameters : financial and technical feasibility, legal aspects and many more... Sustainability is one of them, and is taking a growing importance. We are with you from the very beginning of your project to help you set your sustainability goals, and we provide all the needed information relating to energy efficiency and environmental certifications.

Later in your project, we will be the link between your architects and engineers to ensure sustainable features are integrated in your project from the very beginning. Only a seamless integration of architecture and techniques can allow you to reach a truly green project.

Energy and environment are growing concerns for property managers. What is the performance of your building portfolio? How to reduce energy costs? Is the building regulated efficiently? Is it possible to retrofit a given building to make it greener and keep it at the top of the market?

These are typical question for which we can help. We have a combined experience in energy audits, environmental certification and building green design that allow us to provide you with a broad point of view relating to your building performance.

Besides the advisory services made on a voluntary basis, we are also on your side to ensure your buildings comply with the building energy legislation in Luxembourg : we are accredited to issue energy performance certificates (CPE) and to perform mandatory energy audits and feasibility studies.

Sustainability challenges undoubtly go far beyond the real estate sector and have an impact on every business. As you have discovered on this website, we have already gained a deep experience while bringing sustainability to real estate projects, even when green was still not "trendy"!

So, we are actively seeking to apply this experience to other sectors, and to build new partnerships to allow more sustainable projects to emerge. We are independent, we are driven, and our practical experience showed us that real sustainability can only be aimed when a variety of expertise and experiences are brought together around the table.

So why asking for our services? Because if you want a new point of view, if you want to explore new path, and if you simply want more substance in your decision process, it may be a good idea to include a sustainability consulting engineer in your team.

Our Services

  • Consulting

    Questions about sustainability?

    We have a strong background, and practical experience, on developing sustainable projects.

    We can be on your side to develop your next project and do more than adding a "green touch"!

  • Audits

    How do your building perform?

    Our energy audit services allow you to have a clear understanding of your building performance.

    A comprehensive technical and energy assessment combined to a list of potential enhancements will allow you to make the good decisions.

  • Certification

    Assessing your buildings

    We are on your side to perform mandatory and voluntary energy and environmental certification.

    We are accredited to perform energy certification and energy audits in Luxembourg, and we are BREEAM International Assessor.

  • Engineering

    Studies & optimization

    Sustainable enginnering and energy optimization is our core business, and we are used to work in close collaboration with architects and other engineering offices.

    We make our expertise available to your team to answer your most specific questions, and enhance the quality of your projects.

  • Monitoring

    It's all about follow-up

    Why having a great building and not using it correctly?

    We are not a monitoring solution reseller, and therefore we are independent. We are on your side to choose and implement the right solution for your building, and perform the follow-up.

  • Simulations

    Numerical modeling

    All our services are based on state-of-the-art simulation tools dedicated to energy and environmental analysis.

    When specific questions arise, we can perform punctual simulations and provide a directed study of this topic.

A Few References

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others;
it is the only means."

Albert Einstein

Who is behind this?

My name is Jean-Philippe Lemaire and I earned my M.Sc. in Electromechanical and Aerospace Engineering from University of Liège in 2002, and my Management degree from University of Lethbridge in 2003.

Convinced of the need to develop a more sustainable and holistic engineering approach to building design, I chose in 2008 to become an independent consultant and founded in Luxembourg my first consulting engineering office, IDES Engineering. Since then, I've been involved in green-building design and promoted energy-efficient concepts.

In 2010, I co-founded a second engineering office in Belgium, NEO&IDES , which joined in 2015 Greisch, a major belgian engineering group.

As part of my consulting activity, I developed a strong network of key-players in the construction industry (architects, engineers, construction groups, …) to be able to bring the right people around the table whenever needed.

I am member of the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers in Luxembourg and I am a registered BREEAM International Assessor.


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